Our Values

At the core of our work lies an unwavering commitment to delivering high-intent, quality leads to companies. We do this by starting with a foundation of simple values.


Mutual Success

It's just that simple. When your company grows, so does ours. That's why your success is our success.


Mutual transparency between our clients and us allows us to better adapt our campaigns and outputs to their needs.

Delivering on Our Promises

When we guarantee to grow your business, we mean it and have the track record and partnerships to prove it.

Long-Term Relationships

Our clients love partnering with us. Why, you ask? We carefully listen to their unique needs and adapt our systems and outputs accordingly, prioritizing long-lasting relationships.

Serving a Diverse Audience

We value speaking to an American audience while translating our content into several languages, appealing to both U.S. residents with diverse language backgrounds and a global audience.

What Makes Us Unique?

We Specialize in SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

With over 100 landing pages, we specialize in using the right keywords and targeting the right audience in order to drive traffic to our landing pages, which results in sales for our partners. We rank very high in both organic and SEM.

  • We're Experts in Multiple Markets

    Several Brands is a company that specializes in multiple markets, including legal, B2B, and B2C. In the legal domain, we offer various services, such as mass torts and MVA cases. In B2B, examples include POS, PEO, and business phone systems. And in B2C, some of our partners include warranties for vehicles, meal kits, and software providers.

  • We Speak Several Languages

    We stand out by focusing on providing targeted outreach to an American audience while also ensuring our content is translated into various languages. This approach allows us to appeal not only to non-English-speaking residents in the U.S. but also to a global audience.

  • Collaboration

    We are in continuous contact with the businesses we work with to maintain the relationship, show them what we are doing, answer any questions, and solve problems together.

  • Flexibility

    Our agreements allow cancellation with just 48 hours' notice. We have multiple programs where we charge by lead, click, and opportunity, and in addition to this, we can create a program where we only charge for measurable results, such as achieving goals, clicks, sales, cases, or retainers.

  • Several Digital Marketing Tools

    We leverage a variety of channels, including social media platforms, search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, dedicated landing pages, and review and comparison websites, to add value and drive results.

  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

    We prioritize identifying and targeting actual customers, not vague personas, for each campaign. Thorough research enables us to find real humans actively seeking our partners’ products or services. By focusing on real customers, we craft targeted and personalized campaigns that increase the likelihood of converting leads into successful sales.

  • Performance-Based Pricing Model

    We offer various performance-based models such as cost per sale, retainer, and click. With this approach, we mitigate the risks for our clients, as we only receive payment upon reaching specific milestones. We are confident in our ability to deliver and willing to be compensated solely based on our performance.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    We value personalized service for our clients, assigning a dedicated account manager as their main point of contact. Account managers provide updates on campaign progress, regular reports on lead-generation results, and support for optimizing strategies. With a dedicated account manager, clients have a trusted partner fully invested in their success.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    Whether you seek to generate more leads or enhance existing campaigns, our proprietary machine-learning-powered technology empowers you to achieve your goals and foster sustainable growth over time. We swiftly analyze data through advanced algorithms, identifying patterns and optimizing campaigns with remarkable efficiency.

  • Filters to Qualify Leads

    Our advanced lead verification system filters out fraudulent leads, performs syntax checks, and matches phone numbers to names and addresses. We flag duplicate submissions and check for suspicious IP addresses. Leads that don't meet verification criteria are placed on hold for review.

  • Privacy & Security

    At Several Brands, we prioritize legal compliance in our lead generation efforts. We adhere to TCPA regulations and utilize verification certificates from trusted providers like Trusted Form and Journaya ID. These measures ensure that our leads meet legal requirements and demonstrate our commitment to maintaining compliance and avoiding any potential legal issues.

  • Specialists in Each Category

    Our team of marketers are experts in their respective fields and have an in-depth understanding of the software we use. They specialize in niche areas and specific categories, enabling them to target the right audience effectively and providing our partners with high-intent leads and conversions.

  • Our Team

    Several Brands boast a team of exceptional individuals who are experts in their respective fields. Our company consists of teams of highly skilled engineers, savvy marketers, social media specialists, astute business developers, and creative content writers from diverse backgrounds fluent in multiple languages. This unique blend of skills and experiences sets us apart in the competitive lead generation industry and allows us to deliver unparalleled results for our clients.