Our Story

Several Brands brings diverse perspectives and deep expertise to the performance-based digital marketing landscape. Our global team, backed by decades of experience, crafts innovative strategies that deliver measurable results.

Performance-Based Digital Marketing for Diverse Customers

Several Brands, LLC, is a holding company that manages various brands and provides performance-based digital marketing services to diverse customers.


Decades of Experience

Our founders began their journey two decades ago, creating a lead generation business from the ground up. After nurturing and growing this venture for 18 years, they made the significant decision to sell it, leading to its acquisition by a respected private equity firm in January 2020.


Dedicated to Building a Strong Team

After the acquisition, our founders dedicated themselves to building the Several Brands team and developing the company’s cutting-edge proprietary technology.


A Community Marketplace

We consider ourselves a community marketplace that partners with several kinds of businesses, attracting the diverse customers and clients needed to fuel their growth.


Only Pay for Specific Deliverables

Our partners only pay for specific deliverables, such as form leads, calls, warm transfers, signed retainers, sales, and scheduled appointments. Our performance-based marketing model ensures that our partners are not taking risks when working with us.


Experience With Various Industries

For the past decade, we have partnered with hundreds of enterprises and local businesses, helping them generate high-quality leads and live calls. Our expertise spans various industries, including law firms, B2C and B2B enterprises, online businesses, software companies, and more.

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Collaborating With Businesses

We collaborate with businesses by delivering verified leads through our dedicated landing pages. Additionally, we leverage our comparison-style websites, drive organic SEO traffic, and direct it to our partners.


Collaborating With Lawyers

For our legal partners, we offer a risk-free program that operates on a “signed retainer” basis, ensuring payment is received only upon successful conversions. Our retainers boast impressively low fallout rates, providing added confidence in our lead generation process.

We specialize in generating leads across various legal practices, including mass torts and MVAs. These leads are then directed to our partner law firms, where their intake teams work diligently on them, compensating us upon the signing of the retainer.


High-Intent Leads

We prioritize targeting actual customers through thorough research and crafting personalized campaigns to maximize conversions. Our state-of-the-art lead verification system filters out fraud, performs syntax checks, and flags duplicates while our call center nurtures verified leads.


Expertise in Traffic Generation

We excel at generating traffic and have over 20 media buyers who promote our websites and drive traffic to our clients. Our campaigns are highly effective if our customers have a solid sales process and a good product. Our approach is simple - we partner with businesses, attract customers, and help them grow.